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Tampere University of Applied Sciences organises bachelor’s degree and master’s degree education, professional teacher education, guidance counsellor education, specialisation studies and other education.

TAMK’s curricula are competence based. Competence objectives, contents and assessment criteria for degrees and degree studies are defined in curricula. Course competence objectives describe the competence required of students after each course. Assessment criteria describe students’ competence with grades.

TAMK’s curricula are revised when working life competence needs change.

Curricula include course descriptions. The same course may belong to different student groups’ curricula. All course implementations can be found in the study guide. The language of instruction, learning methods, assessment criteria and learning materials are defined for course implementations.

Teachers write the implementation details in the implementation plan. If the curriculum includes courses which have not yet been implemented, the implementation data are published before the beginning of the implementation.

You can find past curricula and their course descriptions in the archive.